Round robin scheduling to automate lead assignment

Route booked meetings to the right person, every time. Optimize for availability or even distribution and let SavvyCal handle the rest.

Round robin scheduling

“SavvyCal is such a joy to use! Still makes me happy every time.”

Chris Spags
Founder of Jetboost

“I use SavvyCal so my customers can easily compare my availability to their own. Making their lives a little easier is a treat I’m happy to pay for.”

Matt Wensing
Founder of Summit

“My favorite is the personalized links. SavvyCal links feel more natural and save everyone time.”

Tracy Osborn
Program Director at TinySeed

A fundamentally different scheduling experience

Other Scheduling Tools

Force the scheduler to toggle between their calendar and your list of time slots

The SavvyCal Experience

A beautiful, interactive interface that allows the scheduler to overlay their calendar


Calendar overlay

No need to switch back and forth between screens any more.

Prefill recipient info

Save the scheduler time by prefilling their info.

Ranked availability

Present your preferred availability instead of just all your availability.

Limit scheduling frequency

Cap meetings per day, week, and month.

Per-link calendar settings

Route different links to different calendars.

Multiple durations

Offer several options on one scheduling link.

Time zone scheduling

We'll update your time zone for you when you travel.

Delegate account access

Allow your assistant to manage your account for you.

Single-use links

Automatically archive a link after someone uses it.

Start routing leads in 15 minutes or less

But don’t just take our word for it. We’ll let the product do the talking.

Add your team

Select the team members you’d like to route booked meetings to. Add as many team members as you’d like!

Round robin add team

Optimize for availability or evenness

The choice is yours — randomly select who the meeting gets booked with for maximum availability or cycle through team members for equal distribution.

Round robin optimization

Configure availability

Team members can set custom availability for each round robin scheduling link or default to their preset work hours.

Round robin availability

Send out your scheduling link

Send over email or chat, embed on your site, or propose times — it’s never been easier to book a time to meet.

Round robin embed

Start routing with round robin in 15 minutes or less

You shouldn’t have to feel weird about sending out your scheduling link. Switch to SavvyCal and people will be complimenting you on the scheduling experience. It’s the scheduling tool both you and your recipients will love.

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“After I switched to SavvyCal, people are complimenting my scheduling experience! Thanks for making me look good.”

Peter Suhm
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